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The National Museum of Rural Life “comes” to life

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The National Museum of Rural Life in East Kilbride is set to host Spring Explorers events.

The museum organizes craft activities and storytelling sessions, and offers a chance to see lambs, carvings, and piglets on April 3-6.

The new ‘Dolly the Sheep Trail’ opens April 1 and runs until June 4 to celebrate Scotland’s most famous sheep.

In addition, the museum is hosting a “Woolly Weekend” exhibition on May 20 and 21, which features sheep shearing demonstrations and a range of “woolly-themed activities.”

Vicki McClain, general manager of the National Museum of Rural Life, said: “Spring is a wonderful time here at the Museum, as the fields and yard come alive with dozens of wonderful newcomers.

A visit is a great way for families to connect with the countryside and learn about farming and Scotland’s rural past.

Thanks to the People Postcode Lottery players, we’re thrilled that we can also offer some great family activities and events for everyone to enjoy.

“We very much look forward to welcoming visitors of all ages to the museum this season.”

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