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Matthew Clover is a musician from Placentia, NL who died on May 16 while attempting to reach the base camp of Mount Everest. (Submitted by Matthew Glover)

Friends and loved ones mourn the loss of Matthew Clover, a musician from NL, Placentia.

Clover died on May 16 while on his way to the base camp of Mount Everest in Nepal, where he suffered from high altitude sickness. He is 50 years old.

Larry Foley, Clover’s longtime friend and fellow musician, says, “He was a beautiful soul.

“Matthew is a special guy. I’m lamenting the things he’s left to do in music and so on. Someone as creative and intelligent as him still had so much to give to the world.”

‘Musically on another level’

After finishing high school, Clover moved from Newfoundland to Boston, where he attended Berkeley Music College. He graduated in concert in 1993 and has performed in Boston, New York, Florida and North America.

Clover returned to Newfoundland in 2016, where he received a master’s degree in performance and teaching from Memorial University.

Foley said his friend was always ready for a kick show and would often perform in the St. John’s area. He said his music career is just beginning.

“He was a musician that most people could not understand,” Foley said.

“The word genius is thrown away, but I testify that Matthew was on another level in music.”

Clover released his album. J.S. Veena music by Bach and John DowlandIn 2021. In an interview with CBC Radio after the album’s release, the late musician Berkeley International Nights, where international students perform music from their home countries, led to the rediscovery of traditional Newfoundland music.

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“I took it as an order and grew up around the bay,” Clover said at the time.

“When you leave your house, it’s interesting how you have a different perspective.”

Dreamer with an unrelenting sense of adventure

As a child, Foley said he remembered his friend warmly and vividly and that his creativity knew no bounds.

Clover was soft and calm, Foley said, and his mind would always be somewhere else. He is a dreamer and he never stops learning and looking for new experiences.

Matthew Clover, left and childhood friend Larry Foley, right. Foley says Clover will be remembered as a talented musician and a beautiful soul. (Submitted by Larry Foley)

“Matthew is a very brave guy. He’s always been on a quest,” Foley said.

“Once he rode his bike from Boston to Newfoundland. So it’s not surprising to me that he did such extraordinary things with so much courage and strength.”

Clover traveled around the world and enjoyed traveling to places like Japan, France, India and Singapore. With the relaxation of the Covit-19 travel restrictions, Clover’s travel bug took him to the Himalayas, which would be the last stop of his voyage.

Clover is cremated and blessed at the Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal. His family is in the process of repatriating his remains to Newfoundland, Foley said.

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