The one who leaves his party in difficult times and hides under the bed is called Imran Khan, not a leader: Maryam | Pro IQRA News

The one who leaves his party in difficult times and hides under the bed is called Imran Khan, not a leader: Maryam

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Sheikhupura: Pakistan Muslim League (N) Chief Organizer Maryam Nawaz has said that (N) League has entered the field to win the election and will win with a huge majority. Whoever leaves his party and hides under the bed in difficult times Imran Khan is not called a leader.

According to the details, while addressing a public meeting in Sheikhupura, he said that just like a child makes excuses for not going to school because of stomach pain, Imran Khan says that his leg is broken to avoid appearances, but when Nawaz Sharif is the most difficult.When the time came, he did not panic and did not hide even for a day, the PML-N leader did not protect the workers, he never said that I am sick and will not come to the performance.

Maryam Nawaz said that Nawaz Sharif did not leave his workers to eat sticks in the street but came to arrest them like lions.I ask, when the oppressive government and the facilitators were on the same side, did Nawaz Sharif panic? Nawaz Sharif did not steal, there was no stain on his feet, now Maryam Nawaz asks you, if he did not steal, why are you not searching for him?

The chief organizer of Pakistan Muslim League (N) said that they do not do these searches because there is theft, just like Maryam bravely broke the restrictions during your time, you also go out and show Imran Khan his dirty politics. How many mothers’ laps will be destroyed for sake? Yesterday you had a small rally, it went around the empty streets of Lahore but the people did not come.

He said that no one comes out for Imran Khan, no mother is ready to sacrifice her son for him, Zul Shah sat outside his house and protected him for many weeks, but he did not even shake hands with Zul Shah. No, right now the workers were pushed back by the police. I was hurt that no one would touch my workers. When Zul Shah left, he showed the entire nation Imran Khan’s ugly face. broke down

Maryam Nawaz said that Zal Shah’s father said yesterday that my son’s body was in the hospital and he took me to Imran Khan, made me wait for two and a half hours. His son’s dead body lay there and the king said come to my court, whose son had been martyred, he sat before him with his shoe turned leg over leg.

On this occasion he criticized former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar and said that he says Maryam Nawaz is bad, I want to tell him that I am brought up by a father like Nawaz Sharif and a mother like Kulsoom Nawaz. Saqib Nisar, Maryam Nawaz does not misbehave, she shows your face in the mirror, which makes you feel disgusted. As long as justice is not done to Nawaz Sharif, PML-N will never want such an election.