The palace of Nawaz-ud-Din Siddiqui’s dreams is ready

The palace of Nawaz-ud-Din Siddiqui’s dreams is ready

Indian actor Nawaz-ud-Din Siddiqui’s dream palace has been named ‘Nawab’.

According to reports, actor Nawaz-ud-Din Siddiqui wanted to make his dream house a reality for years and now this dream has become a reality.

The construction of this house has taken 3 years while the entire decoration has been done by the actor Nawaz-ud-Din Siddiqui of his choice.

According to reports, the ‘Nawab’ was built keeping in view the features of his old house.

According to reports, he named his house Nawab in memory of his father because of his emotional attachment to that name.

Remember that Indian actor Nawaz-ud-Din Siddiqui has seen a lot of ups and downs in his career and since then he has achieved the success to which he is entitled.

He has also worked with big names in the industry and has also played small roles as a side role in some films and has now given a new identity to his work through the OTT platform.