The pandemic led him to create his own Funkos

The pandemic led him to create his own Funkos

miniature friends

The pandemic led Ramahá Palomino to reinvent himself, who, seeing that his work area was closed due to confinement, found a way to get ahead: he created Funko Arts, personalized miniature pieces with which he recreates any person, artist or character in detail. .

The young man from Homún says that it all started a year ago when one of his friends told him that she wanted to have an image of her boyfriend made in fondant to put on a cake and surprise him.

Ramahá told her that it would be expensive and then she would have to throw it away because the fondant is so sweet that it cannot be eaten, so it occurred to her to make a figure for her friend that she initially thought of making with plasticine, but decided on moldable foamy.

Her friend loved the figure and shared it on social media, immediately asking her who made it and expressing interest in a similar piece.

Thus began the hand-carving work of the Funko Art. In addition to the pieces that were requested, it occurred to him to make some of well-known characters, such as the blogger Azael May, who also shared the figure on his social networks and aroused the interest of the netizens.

Then he did others like José Miguel “Tako”, Mama Genny from “MasterChef”, “Chepita Kakatúa” (Salomé Sansores), the former voxtubero Cich; Lalo Chacón, the entertainer of the stars, the host Marjolette Aguilar and the journalist Fátima Ramírez.

He recently did those of the three members of Tik Tok Huiros, Violeta Sanbino, el Chinito and Charly; Aunt Chayo and Ruperta Pérez Sosa.

Before the pandemic, Ramahá was dedicated to making centerpieces and souvenirs for social events, as well as decoration in general, and cleaning houses.

Both things ended with the pandemic, because there were no more social events and people no longer requested the cleaning service for fear of Covid.

He says that he has always had the ability to make crafts and that led him to experiment with miniature sculpture through the pieces he named Funko Arts, since they resemble Funko Pops.

He also details that he does not use molds, but that each piece is created from scratch with no more help than his hands and a series of tweezers to mold and cut the material. At first I didn’t have them, so I used a pencil, a toothpick, scissors and a kitchen knife.

The first figure he made took him eight hours, now he makes between five and seven hours depending on each case, as there are some that take a lot of detail.

He also handcrafts the boxes in which he delivers the pieces.

Ramahá Palomino wants to share his skills in crafts, so yesterday, Friday, he began broadcasting a program on his Facebook account in which he will teach how to make non-decorative pieces, but ones that can be used for something. This will be at 5 pm

Previously he had already done something similar, so on Mondays he shares several options of what to do, people vote for the one they like the most and it is the one that is carried out.

On Wednesdays or Thursdays, he announces the materials that are needed, he usually uses a lot of recyclable material that can be found at home. That same dynamic will continue now, so he asks those who wish to join his transmissions to be attentive to their social networks.

He is on Instagram as @soyRamahá_official and on Tik Tok @Ramahá Palomino.—

Crafts Pieces

Due to the pandemic, Ramahá Palomino decided to venture into miniature sculpture.


First make the sketch of the piece, choose the tones to use, mold the piece taking into account everything, if the person wears a blouse, guayabera, long or short sleeved, dress, huipil, skirt, shorts, pants, shoes, tennis … each of these things has its level of complexity.


If the person has a significant tattoo or scar, they capture it in the figure, or if it is someone who works in a business, they also paint the logo or brand name. For example, he put an apron with the MasterChef logo on the figure of Mama Genny and a panucho in her hand. He also has glasses and a huipil.

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