The police climbed the fort for a physical fitness check. Asheri Gad Sir under ‘Ek Skalgaad Bharmantecha’ initiative by Palghar Police | Pro IQRA News

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Bowser:Police officers and employees of the district, who work in stressful and stressful environments like law and order and crime control, first tested their physical fitness by visiting the historic Ashiri Fort on Saturday. Superintendent of Police Balasaheb Patil along with senior officers enjoyed the ‘Ek Sakalgaad Bharmantecha’ activity.

Palghar Superintendent of Police Balasaheb Patil organized a 10 km marathon for police in Palghar on the occasion of Independence Day.

The policemen found the thrill of climbing the iron ladder in the pass, the lush greenery all around due to the rain, the magnificent air, the sight of Goddess Ashiri Mata in the cave, the lake, the water tank, the historical artefacts. Beautiful view of the fort, gun and sunrise from the eastern end and the high mountain range in front.

After visiting the entire fort at 9 am, all the officers and employees descended on the foothills and appeared at their respective police stations at 10 am. Superintendent of Police Balasaheb Patil, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Home) Shailesh Kale, Police Inspector Vibhute of Palghar Crime Branch, Boisar Police Inspector Suresh Kadam, Assistant Police of Kasa Police Station.

Police officers and staff along with Inspector Shrikant Shinde, Assistant Police Inspector Shrikant Koli of Wangaon Police Station, Inspector Namdev Bandgar of Dahano Police Station, Assistant Police Inspector of Boisar Police Station Suresh Salonke participated in the Ashiri Good Tour. This not only gave me time to freshen up from the busy festival schedule and busy work, but it also affected my fitness.

At the fort in an hour

40 officers and staff from different stations of the Palghar Police Force climbed the historic Ashiri Fort along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway to check their fitness. The police started climbing from Kharkona village in the foothills at 6 am and reached the top of the 1,800-feet Asheri Fort in just one hour.


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