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The police open the elusive royal mail package

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The police are called by suspicious Royal Mail workers to a parcel – and are shocked to find it full of cannabis.

Officers from Gwent Police in Gwent, Wales, couldn’t believe what they discovered because someone had chosen a somewhat unique method to deliver a package of illegal drugs.

Police revealed the secret stash last week and were told by Royal Mail staff that the expected recipient of the parcel had lodged a complaint for late delivery.

Cannabis found by Gwent Police inside Royal Mail package
Cannabis found by Gwent Police inside Royal Mail package. Credits: Joint Police/Twitter.

The force took to Twitter sharing a photo of the package along with a warning to the impatient resident.

In the photo, there is a black envelope on a white table with a label that says “Royal Mail Special Delivery” which promises delivery by 1pm.

On the envelope is a large transparent bag containing what appears to be several grams of cannabis which has been placed next to the owner’s delivery details, which have been covered up.

Police also captioned the photo shared last week writing: “To the resident in #Abergavenny who has made a complaint to Royal Mail because they haven’t delivered your parcel – we have your cannabis and will be visiting #PCFord today.”

The tweet received thousands of likes and soon many people left sarcastic comments.

Someone commented, “Can you pick up some Rizla Kings on your way?”

Another said: “I have been delivering weed to my brother weekly, via Royal Mail, legally. Marijuana laws in the UK are outdated and archaic.”

And a third wrote: “Never mind this minuscule payload that barely takes down Ladybug. I want to know how the investigation into police misconduct and corruption against your force is proceeding apace. Any updates yet? Any improvements in the pipeline at all?”

Another replied, “What are you going to charge them with? They are not in possession of hashish.”

A fifth answered, “Well done @GPMonmouthshire, more rubbish from our streets.”

However, another user wrote: “The cops not only opened an item from the Royal Mail but posted a picture with a tracking sticker attached to it and now everyone can check the tracking ID and see who this is meant for.

“This is a great opportunity to sue the cops.”

Speaking today, a Gwent Police spokesperson said: “There have been no arrests or charges and the investigation is ongoing.

“We had a Royal Mail contact concerned about the package they had received, and officers attended and confiscated the package.

“The officers then opened it and examined it, and the cannabis was discovered.”

Cannabis is classified as a Class B drug in the UK and unauthorized handling, trafficking or production can be punished with an unlimited fine or up to 14 years in prison.