“The price of a boiled chicken is 1102, how much is a wheel?” Question by Meera Varthakur; Congress issued a memorandum to the governor against price hikes… | Pro IQRA News

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Ordinary people are shocked by the sharp increase in the price of vital materials for the state. The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee on Friday issued a memorandum to the Assam Congress Committee against price hike prevention, disproportionate deprivations in financial assistance, GHS levies on essential commodities.

The state Congress raised the same demands for the then Raj Bhavan encirclement programme. Dudhanai Samshti’s Jadav Swargiari, State Women’s Congress president Meera Barthakur, former minister Hiranya Bara, Etova Munda and Dr. Jayaprakash Das were in Sajati’s party. Assam Pradesh Congress President Mahila Meera Barthakure Raj Bhavan lashed out at Chief Minister Dr Himant Biswa Sharma. “The price of the finished cylinder is 1102 tak, how much are the wheels,” Mira Vartakur asked.

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