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ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has said that the voting procedure has apparently been made so difficult that foreign nationals cannot vote.

The case related to voting abroad in the Supreme Court was heard by a three-member bench headed by Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan. A notice was also issued on the appeal by lawyer Daud Ghaznavi against the Electoral Amendment Act.

Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan pointed out that the right to vote has not been abolished, but that the problem is only procedural. Abroad must come to Pakistan to vote, otherwise they can vote outside. Apparently the voting process has been made so difficult that foreign nationals cannot vote.

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The petitioner’s lawyer, Arif Chaudhary Advocate, argued that the Supreme Court in its judgment had given voting rights to overseas Pakistanis, but the amendment to the Election Act is against the spirit of the court’s order.

He said that on the orders of the Supreme Court, NADRA created the system and it was tested in the by-elections. No objection was raised to the experiment in the by-election and it was asked to amend and re-run the pilot so that the legislation could be enacted.

The court observed that NADRA and the Election Commission should support whether the built system is up to standard or not.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case for two weeks.


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