The real estate company plans to turn this iconic old St. John’s Fire Station into its dream home. Pi News

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The New Brunswick housing market is on fire, so it is only appropriate to buy a fire station for a St. John real estate company.

The old fire station on Lancaster Avenue in the western part of the city has been a landmark for many years. Built probably in the 1930s, the building was originally a fire station and later rented out.

Jake Palmer lived two volumes beyond that as a child and has always admired it

He just stopped enjoying this year and bought the place.

“I always tried to sit on one side of the school bus so we could see this building as we passed,” Palmer said. Info Morning St. John. “So I always had a soft spot for this building.”

The building stands alone on Lancaster Avenue and catches the eyes of travelers while driving on Duke Street West because it sits on a high place.

The old fire station west of St. John’s is a well – known landmark in the area. (Jack Palmer / Submitted)

Palmer said he knew a past landlord who had rented an apartment on the top floor.

But last year there was a problem with the drinking water pipe and window because it was empty. Palmer helped it with the weather resistance, and then began to talk seriously about buying.

He said he expects to see more people buying mixed-use buildings as there are not enough homes for all prospective buyers in the city.

“We see most people going to duplexes, they usually buy single family so they can get better rental income and mixed business and apartments,” he said. “Of course you see people thinking outside the box.”

The views are excellent.– Jake Palmer, Real Estate

He said he was impressed not only by the appearance of the building but also by its quality.

“They didn’t build slim fire stations,” he said. “It has a lot of space, especially on the floor, but there’s a lot of unused space on the main level.”

Purchase price Cool $ 160,000.

“Like crazy, to buy a fire station, every time I visit, this place is perfect for me.”

In the past, a lot of work was required

The building has many life forms and has become like some urban mythology as time and memories fade.

Palmer was told the story of a man who runs a coin machine business outside the cellar.

The building has several owners.

“For decades, it has been through many hands,” he said.

He said he was considering building a kitchen and living room on the main floor and having four bedrooms on the top floor, where firefighters would wait for the call.

Jake Palmer plans to turn this old fire station into his dream home. (Jack Palmer / Submitted)

Unfortunately, there was never a fire pole in it, Palmer said. But the building lacks fun ways to get down, which creates views from the terrace.

“The views are great. So from the back and side you can see right under the Riversing Falls Bridge, you can see almost right up to King Street,” Palmer said.

Ten years ago the building may have required a lot of work and since then it has not been repaired, he said, adding that “it has become a little ugly”.

“Especially some brick work. But I mean, that’s the nature of old buildings,” he said.

But he has some big plans.

“Ultimately, a roof deck, because from the top floor, if the view from the roof is good, it can be breathtaking.”