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The Rwandan law “undermines human rights”, the UK Human Rights Watch has warned Pi News


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Rishi Sunak’s plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda “undermines the universality of human rights”, a British human rights watchdog has warned.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has said that human rights must be “guaranteed for all” in Rwanda’s Security (Asylum and Immigration) Bill.

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The Prime Minister’s most important bill faces its first major test in the Lords today as peers debate the bill.

Sunak has become key to getting the new law passed before this year’s general election, hoping to convince voters it can “stop the boats”.


Previous attempts to send asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda have been blocked because courts agreed it was not a safe place to send them.

The government hopes that the flights will take place by spring after the bill is passed.

In a statement ahead of Monday’s debate, the EHRC told its peers: “Human rights are universal and must be guaranteed to all.

“The Human Rights Act (HRA) has significantly improved human rights protection for everyone in the UK, but the Rwanda Security Bill undermines the universality of human rights by applying key provisions of the HRA.

“Looking at the bill, the Minister of Internal Affairs could not confirm its compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights.

“By repealing HRB sections and preventing courts from addressing the risk of refoulement, this bill could harm people and violate their rights to life, freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment. effective tool.”

The issue of “refoulement” was central to the courts’ decision to declare previous attempts illegal.

This means asylum seekers sent from the UK to Rwanda are then sent back by Rwanda to the country they originally fled to.

Downing Street said: “This bill is a key part of stopping violent gangs targeting vulnerable people, which has caused so many deaths across the English Channel.”


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