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East pen webdesk :. Sri Lanka has announced it will stop selling all types of fuel oil for the next two weeks. Only emergency services vehicles will receive a small amount of oil. Government spokesperson Bandula Gunavardhane said, “Fuel oil will not be sold to anyone except emergency services.

Because we want to save as much oil as is left in the country for urgent needs. I apologize to everyone for the inconvenience. I hope the situation will improve after July 10. Over the past few months, Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has become more pronounced. Unable to repay foreign loans, Sri Lanka has declared itself bankrupt.

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Lacking funds, they have lost the ability to buy essential items, including fuel oil. Schools have already been closed in urban areas, including the capital Colombo. The government has instructed the workers to work at home to save energy. Sri Lanka is unable to import fuel and food due to foreign exchange reserves. So now discussions are going on with the donor agencies about the loan. Sri Lanka has sent delegations to Russia and Qatar, two of the world’s largest oil producers, to buy fuel at lower prices.

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