The Saudi Investment Fund seeks to buy Inter Milan and Marseille after the acquisition of Newcastle

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British media revealed the intention of the Public Investment Fund Group in Saudi Arabia. After its acquisition of Newcastle United, the Italian club, Inter Milan, and Marseille, France, during the coming period.

Saudi investments and the purchase of Inter Milan and Marseille

British media reported that a number of Saudi investors. In the past, they have already met with the owners of Inter Milan, and that the Chinese businessmen who own the club are ready to sell the Italian club for one billion euros.

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And the English Premier League announced, in a statement published last Thursday, that the Saudi Public Investment Group. For his complete acquisition of Newcastle United, which plays in the Premier League.

The statement added, “Following the completion of the owners and managers’ test in the Premier League, the club has been sold to this alliance with immediate effect.”

buy Newcastle United

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The Governor of the Saudi Sovereign Fund, Yasser Al-Rumayyan, said in a press statement to him earlier, “We are happy to acquire Newcastle United as one of the most famous clubs. In English football, we thank the fans for their loyalty to this prestigious entity. Over the years, we look forward to working with them for the benefit of the club.”

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The value of Saudi public investments is about 430 billion dollars, through which this fund seeks to diversify its economic activities instead of relying on oil.

English Premier League standings

Chelsea is at the top of the Premier League standings with 16 points, followed by one point behind Liverpool with 15 points, and Manchester City in third place with 14 points, equal to Manchester United, Everton and Brighton with the same points, respectively.

While the Brentford team came in seventh place with 12 points, equal with the eighth place team Tottenham with the same points, and in the ninth place West Ham United team came with 11 points, while in the tenth place with 10 points during the English Premier League competitions for the current season.

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