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The Saudi minister made an important statement

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Riyadh: Saudi authorities have made it clear that the restoration of diplomatic relations with Iran does not mean that all differences with Iran have ended.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said in an interview with the local newspaper, he said that the agreement to restore diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran confirms both countries’ common desire for reconciliation.

He said the two countries are willing to resolve their differences through communication and dialogue, but he stressed that this does not mean that all other differences between the two countries have completely disappeared.

It should be noted that Riyadh and Tehran agreed on Friday in Beijing to resume relations suspended since 2016 and to reopen both embassies within two months.

The Saudi minister said he looks forward to meeting his Iranian counterpart soon, adding that we are preparing to restore mutual diplomatic relations within the next two months and that it is normal for us to change ambassadors in the future.

His recent visits to Kiev and Moscow and Ukraine. Regarding the talks on Saudi mediation to stop the Russia war, Bin Farhan confirmed that Saudi Arabia is ready to work with both countries to reach a political solution.