The Scots are baffled by an ‘invasion of sheep’ as fleeing animals invade a local village | Pro IQRA News

The Scots are baffled by an ‘invasion of sheep’ as fleeing animals invade a local village

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A SCOTS father and son are baffled when their flight home is delayed by an unusual sight – a hoard of runaway sheep.

Kevin Green and his son Mark were driving to Madison and Falkirk in the early hours of Friday morning when they were forced to stop the car.

Kevin and Mark couldn’t believe their eyes. (c) Kevin Green

Kevin, 59, and Mark, 27, couldn’t believe their eyes as they were suddenly greeted by a large flock of at least 40 sheep waiting idly around the main road of their sleepy Scottish village.

The pair watched the cattle mob disappear on a nearby residential street, and settled there before an amused Kevin chose to call the police and track down the runaway herd farmer.

Hilarious photos taken from inside the couple’s car show them circling a bend in the road while beady-eyed sheep watch from the top of a grassy knoll.

The cattle seem unfazed by the engine and look like they belong on the streets.

Another image shows the flock of sheep meandering in a snail’s pace through the busy residential road, completely blocking the road and sidewalk.

Adding to the amusement, the final image shows the sheep strolling across the road while some look to come out of a nearby front garden to join the group.

Kevin shared the hilarious footage online on Saturday, writing: “The great sheep invasion of Madison has begun. Flag the police.”

Pictured: when Kevin and Mark first spotted cattle. (c) Kevin Green

The post received more than 550 likes, and dozens of comments from users who made jokes about the unusual presence of sheep in the village.

Louise Gray joked: Where are Wallace and Gromit when you need them? “

John Rankin quipped, “They never go up here. Pity the grass in front needs mowing.”

“Locals stop by to buy Prime,” added Paul Maxwell.

“It helps counting sheep,” Elizabeth Christie joked.

“I’m going to be loud,” Rachel Brown said.

Speaking to Kevin today, he said: “I was driving to Madison just after midnight last Friday with my son, and when we got to the top of the hill this river of sheep came up from left to right.

Some sheep even seemed to join the flock from a nearby residence. (c) Kevin Green

It was a little weird to say the least and it was all a little Father Ted.

“I think there were about 40 of them. They seemed about as happy with themselves as sheep can be. At first, I was a little happy to say the least.

They disappeared in unison down a residential street and seemed to settle there.

‘I followed them a short distance and they proceeded down it in perfect shy order – the farmer would have been proud of them.

“I called the police and they took her from there.”

It is believed that the sheep were finally gathered after two o’clock, and Falkirk roads have since been left devoid of sheep.