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The Scottish Gaming Center is spurring growth in the video game industry

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The Games Research and Development Center in Dundee has caused significant growth for the UK’s video game industry, according to a new report.

Created in 2018 by Abertay University, InGAME (Innovation for Games and Media Enterprise) is the national examination for video game innovation.

The project is part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s (AHRC) Creative Industries Programme, funded by the UK Government.

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Dundee was recently named, along with Seoul, Las Vegas, Tokyo and Seattle, in the list of the most popular gaming centers in the world.

A report from BiGGAR Economics published this week showed the economic and social impacts of the project.

It concluded that companies collaborating with InGAME are expected to generate an estimated £84.7m of GDP for the UK economy over the 10-year period 2023-2032.

The report indicated that for every £1 of public funding invested in the UK, InGAME is expected to generate a total of £15.90 for the UK economy.

To date, more than 2,200 game industry professionals and researchers have been qualified through training and participation activities.

A survey conducted by Interface showed that 76% of companies that worked with InGAME developed one or more new games, products or services, or original IP pieces.

Sean Taylor, Director of InGAME, said: “The video game industry is of great value to the UK, but it is a sector that must keep pace with the rapid pace of digital innovation and the increasingly stiff competition from overseas game development centres.

Since its launch, InGAME has grown into a gathering force at the heart of the Dundee Group, working with the region’s most talented video game studios.

“[They] Taking on strategic challenges, unlocking potential, and brokering valuable new partnerships – both within the games industry itself and with the wider UK industry.

“The success of the InGAME Group underscores the creative, cultural and economic importance of the global video game industry.”

Christopher Smith, Chief Executive of AHRC, said: “This impact report underscores the tangible value of growing an innovation ecosystem for each of the UK’s gaming groups.”

Stephen Rome, member of the Dundee Fair Work, Economic Growth and Infrastructure Regulatory Board, said: “Gaming development is a key pillar of the local economy.

“InGAME is at the heart of that, turning ideas into real economic value and jobs in Dundee and across the country, and showing the strong partnership that has been forged here.”

The InGAME Impact was instrumental in Abertay University being awarded preferred bidder status to host one of four new virtual production labs in the UK.

The Dundee Lab will specialize in research and innovation for virtual productions, a new cinematography technology that uses computer-generated imagery (CGI), LED screens and motion capture to create virtual movie sets.