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Family, friends and community members have been searching for the missing Brandon man since Friday.

The blue Jeep of 41-year-old Jordan Rose was found on June 17 on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway near the Asinipoin River.

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The man’s older brother, Jeff Rose, is leading a volunteer search operation from their site at Grand Valley Campground.

“Disappearances like this are completely against his character,” Jeff said. “He did not respond to his wife’s text messages. Some red flags flew. We were very worried.”

The Blue Hills RCMP received a report of Rose’s disappearance that afternoon and conducted a search, which included several planes, a watercraft and a search on foot.

“I think more than 300 people helped with that search,” Cpl said. RCMP media liaison officer Julie Courchaine told CTV News. “It’s volunteers, different partners, fire departments, different RMs – all kinds of different people volunteering to help.”

The expanded search includes volunteers from the RCMP Search and Rescue, the Office of the Fire Commissioner, the Hatarian Emergency Water Response Team (HEART) and Brandon and surrounding areas.

“We did surface searches from the bridge [on Hwy 1 near Grand Valley] On the way back to Brandon, ”said Paul Mandel, team leader with Hart. “It’s very difficult to scan the bottom of Assinipoi because there’s a lot of debris on the bottom.”

“We searched as hard as we could on Friday night,” Jeff said. “Then on Saturday morning we organized a volunteer based search party. We set up camp and got great response from his friends and family to try to find him.

Community members continue to support search efforts.

“The community is not surprised. A lot of people want to find him,” Jeff said. “For businesses, food and water donations, to rescue teams.

Anyone who wants to know how to join or update the search effort can join the Find Jordan Ross Facebook group.

Jordan Ross 5’10 and 175 pounds, bald with blue eyes. He is believed to be wearing black ankle boots. Anyone with information on Ross’ whereabouts is requested to contact the Blue Hills RCMP.

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