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Asansol: The security guard committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest with a colleague’s gun. The incident happened Asansol (Asansol) At a private steel plant in Dendua area of ​​Salanpur police station. The dead security guard’s name is Anand Arinda. He worked as a security guard in a private company. Anand Arinda opened fire with the short pistol or rifle of his colleague Ashish Das, a gunner in this factory. This event caused a stir in the entire district.

According to police sources, around 8 am on Friday, Ashish Das left his short gun or rifle with his factory colleague Anand Abindi and went outside to chat. Then Anand Abinda (42) shot himself in the chest with this gun. He was shot in the chest. He immediately fell to the ground in a bloody state. Anand’s house is in Purniatala area on College Road in Hirapur police station in Asansol.

Police from Salanpur police station and Kalyaneshwari outpost rushed to the factory after receiving the news. He was taken to the district hospital with bullet wounds. An emergency medical doctor examined him and pronounced him dead. The police have recovered the gun with which Anand was shot from the spot. However, the singer Ashish Das is reported to have fled the scene. The police have started an investigation into the incident.

Workers at the plant on the spot said that at first we heard a noise and thought that someone had been electrocuted. So we all ran away from there. Later I learned that a guard was killed during the shelling. It is known that the suicide note was found in Anand Abinda’s pocket. The inscription in the death note indicates that she experienced severe stress due to a love incident. That is why he committed suicide.

In the death note received from him, he wrote many emotional words for his son Ujal. Several people are also named, including a woman. Police are studying Anand’s death note. A post-mortem examination revealed that he had shot himself in the chest, probably by holding the gun against a wall. Due to which wounds are formed in 19 places inside the body. After a preliminary investigation, the police suspect that the man committed suicide due to a mental disorder.

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