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The stars of Married At First Sight Australia 2024 have been ‘teased’ by Channel Nine over a major spoiler. Pi News


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Two Australian ‘Married at First Sight’ stars have been ‘scolded’ by Channel Nine after they leaked major spoilers revealing the outcome of their ‘marriage’ on the show.

Season 11 of the popular Aussie TV show is currently airing with episode 10 on Monday night.

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Ellie Ben Walters and Jonathan McCullough, 32, and Jonathan McCullough, 39, are the two contestants in the feud, which erupted when photos surfaced revealing the couple’s possible romance, despite being “married” to different contestants on the show. Lauren Dunn.

Yahoo Lifestyle reports an “insider” that the channel is now working hard on “damage control” and that the two offenders “have been reprimanded and reminded of their contracts for being so careless.”

Ellie Dix and MAFS
Camera iconEllie Deeks and MAFS are groomsmen for Ben who is “married”. Credit: Married at first sight/West

Shockingly, an insider told them the stars have been “removed from all media access” for the foreseeable future, and even MAFS attendees are “angry” about the big spoiler.

Ellie and Jonathan have not publicly commented on the fuss, but the news comes after the two have been spotted out and about together several times.


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