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On November 7, 1862, Bahadur Shah Zafar breathed his last in a dilapidated house in Rangoon, Myanmar, a painful and humiliating end for India’s last Mughal emperor. The kings of this dynasty once ruled the region with glory for centuries. But then time changed its course and the throne disappeared.

Here we quote from Mahbubullah Mujib’s book Mughal Civilization about the tragic death of an elephant used as a king’s pillow. After the first paragraph, the author narrates this story in the words of Syed Zahiruddin Hussain, whose place of birth is Delhi and whose year of birth is said to be 1825. He was a prose writer and a poet. He mentioned about this in the book “Tarz-e-Zahiri” about the royal elephant.

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“During the time of Bahadur Shah Zafar, there was an elephant named Maula Bakhsh. He gave rides to many kings and was alive to see the end of the world. This elephant had many human characteristics. When the king of the time Bahadur If. Shah Zafar needed to ride, he would write down an order. Shahi Chobdar he would go to him with this decree of the king, he would read the decree of the king. He would stand up and greet him. Days ago he would go to the river bank and take a good bath. was. And now it is the story of the time when there was only one candle left. That is why it is silent. Maula Bakhsh Hati stopped eating and drinking because of grief. And became sad and sad. Now listen to the voice of Zaheer in front of him. “.

“When the British captured Fel Khona Shah, Maula Bakhsh’s elephant refused water. The owner of Maula Bakhsh’s elephant went and told Saunders Sahib that the elephant had not eaten or drank. Tomorrow the clan will be better or worse. The government will hang. I Saunders did not believe him. He insulted Felban and said that we will go and play ourselves. Taking with him five rupees worth of laddoos and kachoris, he reached the place where the elephant was standing and placed the tiger’s body in front of the elephant. The elephant swayed and pulled its body. .If a common man thought, the body flew and all the lions scattered. Mr. Saunders said the elephant is a rebel, put it up for auction.
On this day, an auction of wardrobes was held in Sadar Bazar. There were no buyers.”


“A grocer named Bansi, whose shop was in Hari Bauli, offered two and a half hundred soums. With this offer, the gentleman ended the auction. Felban said to the elephant: “Take it, brother, you and I are kings forever. Now mine too, your luck was also broken, we had to go to the door of the seller of turmeric knots. As soon as we heard this, the elephant fell to the ground and died.”

Mujib Sahib, whose oral auction story is presented, was surnamed Zaheer, and his father was a poet and mentor of poet Bahadir Shah Zafar. It is said that in the twelfth year of Zahir’s life, when he was able to read Persian textbooks and some elementary books of Arabic, he became a servant in the king’s palace. Zahir was appointed Darugoh of Bahadur Shah Zafar and received the title of Raqim-ud-Daula.



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