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New Delhi: The last two episodes of Moon Night are set to explode. The hit MCU series has been the main topic of discussion among Marvel fans over the past month, due to Oscar Isaac’s stunning portrayal of the Tytler hero with a distinct identity disorder. The most recent episode, “The Tomb”, evoked mixed feelings among viewers due to its unexpected climax, featuring Mark Specter and Steven Grant along with a mental facility.

The fifth installment of Moon night It is set to release on April 27. This OTT platform will be accessible on Disney Plus. However, it is important to note that the release time of the series will vary from country to country. Details related to this are shared below.

As mentioned earlier, the release date of Moon Night Episode 5 varies from country to country due to geographical factors. In the United States, fans can watch the show starting at 12 noon PT and 3 o’clock ET. People in the UK will be able to leave BST at 8am. Moonnight will be available on the Internet in India from IST at 12.30 pm.

Moon Night Episode 4 shot Mark in the chest and raised his ant, causing him to fall deep inside the well. He woke up strangely under the supervision of Dr. Hero to find a paralyzed patient.

While the latter forces him to believe that what happened in the past is merely a figment of his imagination, Mark successfully discovers the truth. After Steven’s release, the two set out on a victory march to escape the bizarre medical center, just to confront the talking hippo tortoise. Will Mark be able to achieve his mission? We will find out in the next episode.

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