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The ticket was withdrawn from the person who spent 18 million on Imran Khan and given to another candidate Pi News


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The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has withdrawn the National Assembly ticket from a businessman who renounced his British citizenship and spent millions of rupees on his security on the instructions of Imran Khan.

According to a local English newspaper, PTI had allotted NA 98 ticket to Imran Khan’s security chief Iftikhar Rasool Ghamman for Denghiz constituency (Faisalabad 4) on January 12, 2024, but a week later it was allotted to Mumtaz Ahmed. is not currently in Pakistan and has left PTI after submitting an affidavit of non-participation in politics for at least five years.

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According to a copy of the affidavit dated May 20, 2023, Mumtaz Ahmed announced that he would not participate in politics for five years, remained on the sidelines, and called for violent attacks on Pakistani government institutions by PTI activists on May 9. He condemned the attacks.

After PTI confirmed his National Assembly ticket, Iftikhar Rasool Ghamman started his campaign on the ‘Radio’ symbol allotted to him by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).


Two senior PTI leaders confirmed that Iftikhar Ghamman was given the ticket on the personal instructions of Imran Khan, but his ticket was later changed.

Imran Khan had instructed Iftikhar Rasul Ghman to prepare for the elections and assured him of giving him the National Assembly ticket.

Before starting his election campaign, Iftikhar Rasool Ghamman renounced his British citizenship about 16 months ago in the hope of running on a PTI ticket to comply with Pakistan’s election laws.

Former Prime Minister Iftikhar Gamman was applauded for renouncing his British citizenship and moving full-time to Pakistan to join the PTI.

After Imran Khan was ousted by a no-confidence vote, it was Imran Khan who provided Imran Khan with round-the-clock security, including 10 bomb- and bullet-proof vehicles and around two dozen trained bodyguards. .

Iftikhar Ghamman has so far spent millions of rupees on Imran Khan’s security. Their cars have been impounded by the authorities and the police have arrested them, but they are providing security for former first lady Bushra Bibi.

Sharing Iftikhar Ghamman’s story, PTI leaders confirmed that they paid close to half a million dollars to get a bomb-proof container prepared for Imran Khan’s recent Minor Pakistan rally. This is the container where Saifullah Niazi and another PTI leader fired AK-47 bullets.

Iftikhar Ghamman has filed several criminal cases and was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) last year on charges of money laundering.

Imran Khan tweeted, “My security officer Iftikhar Ghamman is still in FIA custody.” He was an overseas Pakistani and he left everything to help Pakistan in our mission of true freedom. They were deliberately targeted to compromise my security and spread fear in the PTI hierarchy. We know who is behind this.”

According to FIA officials, Iftikhar Ghamon along with Qaiser Mushtaq and Asim Hussain ran a fake international money laundering network.

The FIA ​​says the entire network has been exposed and people involved in money laundering and money laundering have been arrested, a racket that uses more than 40 fake companies to transfer money to other countries.

After his arrest, Iftikhar Gammon’s brother-in-law Amir Khan held a press conference in London and denied the FIA’s allegations.

There were two FIA cases against Iftikhar Gaman. In one of them, the case has been completed, and in the other, they are waiting for acquittal.

PTI chairman lawyer Gohar Ali Khan confirmed in a private television interview that Imran Khan has approved the ticket of Iftikhar Ghamman. There is no doubt that Iftikhar Rasul Ghamon sacrificed a lot for the party. They deserve the support of the party founder, but we have a system where the local party also decides.

He said his decision was taken by the party at the local level and his ticket was given to another candidate. Also, Iftikhar G’amman did not apply for another seat. We will review his case and try to resolve the issue.


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