The United States and the Taliban will hold talks in Doha on Afghan frozen funds. ProIQRA News

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bill to: Taliban official Amir Khan Muttaqi and his delegation left for Qatar on Wednesday to discuss with US officials the release of 9 9 billion in frozen Afghan assets amid the country’s struggle with famine and poverty.

The delegation will meet with US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Treasury Department official Thomas West, Khaama Press quoted Taliban forces spokesman Ahmad Wali Haqmal as saying.

This is the first meeting since the West pressured Muttaqi on May 21 to lift restrictions on girls’ access to education. Under the Taliban administration, girls are not allowed to continue their education until the sixth grade.

At the same time, US sources claimed that Biden’s administration was working with the Taliban on a mechanism that would give Afghanistan access to the central bank’s financial reserves, the Khaama Press reported, citing the Washington Post. ۔

After the Taliban forcibly took over the country last year, the United States froze Afghan reserves. Politicians from the militants are currently working to revive the country’s economy, which has been devastated by sanctions and isolation. It came as a strong earthquake that devastated the country last week, injuring more than 1,500 and killing nearly 1,000.

Earlier, the United States said it would provide about ً 55 million in emergency humanitarian assistance to those affected by the devastating earthquake in southeastern Afghanistan.
According to VOA, the funds will be used to provide essential food items, clothing, cooking utensils, blankets, jerry cans and cleaning supplies to prevent waterborne diseases in disaster-stricken areas. can go.

The United States has been the largest humanitarian donor to Afghanistan, with more than 4 774 million in humanitarian aid over the past year, according to the publication.

“The United States has a strong commitment to the people of Afghanistan, and we welcome and encourage the support of our international partners in this time of great need,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in a statement Tuesday. Do. “

The announcement comes just a day after the United Nations appealed for انسانی 110.3 million in emergency humanitarian aid for some 360,000 Afghans affected by the quake, according to VOA.

The United Nations and the Afghan government have been heavily involved in rescue operations. However, the United Nations said it did not have heavy machinery and equipment and relied on Afghan authorities to provide it.

The Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and the Emergency Relief Coordinator said the United Nations had released 10 10 million from UNCERF to help the Afghan people respond quickly.

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