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A district court here will decide on Tuesday whether to hear the first petition of Hindu petitioners seeking objections to the Gyanwapi Masjid survey report or whether the writ petition of the Muslim side is not workable. District Government Attorney Rana Sanjeev Singh said that after the Gyanwapi-Srinagar Gori Complex case was transferred to the Supreme Court, District Judge AK Vishwesh’s court on Monday heard the pleas of the parties. A fresh petition seeking permission to worship “Shivling” was also filed, claiming that a videography survey ordered by a lower court had found the premises of the Gyanwapi Mosque.

The apex court on Friday transferred the Gyanwapi-Srinagar Ghori complex case from a civil judge (senior division) to a district judge, saying that given the “complexities” and “sensitivity” of the case, it would be better if a senior court Officer Someone with more than 25-30 years of experience handles this case. “After hearing the arguments of both the parties, the court will pronounce its verdict on Tuesday on which the first petition will be heard,” said Madan Mohan Yadav, counsel for the Hindu side along with Singh.

The Hindu side argued that since the commission appointed by the court had completed the survey work, the opponents should raise their objections. Yadav said he had requested that the report of the commission and the videography done by it be made available for him to present his position on it.

Muhammad Tawheed Khan, counsel for Anjuman Intifada Masjid Committee, while giving arguments, said that this writ is not valid under Order 7 and Rule 11 of CPC (Civil Procedure Code), therefore it should be dismissed. A fresh request was also made by Dr. Kalpati Tiwari, a devotee of Kashi Vishwanath Temple, for a regular “pujan” (puja) of Shivling, which he said was found in the Gyanwapi Mosque complex.

On May 16, the lower court had directed the district administration to seal a site in the Gyanwapi mosque complex when lawyers representing Hindu petitioners said that a shaving was found during a mandatory videography survey conducted by the court. ۔ A spokesman for the mosque’s management committee denied the allegations and told a television channel that the object was part of a “fountain”. He said that the lawyers representing the mosque committee were not fully heard before the announcement of the sailing order.

The Hindu side claimed that Shivling was found near the “Wazukhana” – a small storehouse used by Muslims to perform formal ablutions before the devout prayers.

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