The water level rose due to three days of rain. Yashwant Sagar, Chhota Sirpur Piplyapala dam overflowing; Risk of heavy rain today | Pro IQRA News

The water level rose due to three days of rain.  Yashwant Sagar, Chhota Sirpur Piplyapala dam overflowing;  Risk of heavy rain today

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Due to the rains in Indore for the last three days, the water level in the dams has also started increasing. Of the seven dams in the city, three Yashwant Sagar, Chhota Sirpur and Piplyapala have become full. The condition of Yashwant Sagar is that it was filled to capacity due to which one of its gates was opened on Friday. There is more water than capacity in Chhota Sirpur. If this type of rain continues, the water level in other dams will also rise. Meteorologists have expressed the possibility of heavy rains for a day or two.

This time, it is the second time that a gate of Yashwant Sagar was opened for the second time. Earlier, during the good rain in July, one of its gates was opened. The capacity of Bada Bilawali Talab is 34 feet and now 25 feet is full. Similarly, the capacity of Chhota Bilawali Talab is 12 feet and it is about 9 feet full. Bada Sirpur Talab is currently 2 feet short of its capacity. Its capacity is 16 feet and now 14 feet is full. The lowest level is Limbodi pond. Its capacity is 16 feet and now there is only 2 feet of water.

Earlier, due to the heavy rain since Friday morning, there was a lot of water on the roads. At 12 o’clock, however, the pace of the rain slowed down and then the drizzle continued. After this there was drainage of water on the roads. Where there was a lot of water on the BRTS, the full water also came out. According to the Municipal Corporation’s control room, during the last 24 hours there has been no information that the situation has worsened due to water entering any locality, mohalla or house. Municipal teams are ready to handle any situation.

Trees and branches fell in 15 places due to heavy rains

On the other hand, according to Amit Tomar, CEO of the power company, due to continuous rains for three days, 15 trees fell on electric wires at different places in the city due to which power supply was stopped. After getting the information, the power company team reached the spot and fixed them. The company has appealed to the people to maintain adequate distance from power lines and transformers during the rainy season. Along with this, for any help related to electricity, contact Urjas App or toll-free number 1912.

More than three inches in three days in Indore; 4 inches of rain in Depalpur and Sanwer

Indore has received a total of more than three inches of rain in the last three days. Similarly, in two days, 2 inches of rain has been received in Mhow, 4 inches in Sanwer, 4 inches in Depalpur, 2 inches in Gautampura and 3 inches in Hatod. Senior meteorologist Dr. Vedprakash Singh told that two monsoon systems are active in the state. There is a risk of rain with thunder and thundershowers in the next 24 districts. Another system will be active from Bay of Bengal around September 10 to 12. Due to this there are chances of moderate to heavy rains in Indore.

The farmers said Rabi crops will benefit more from this rain

The farmers say that this continuous rain is good for the Rabi crop. Farmers Bablu Jadhav of Saver, Lakhansingh Gehlot of Depalpur, Pradeep Barod and Ramprasad Barod say that though soybean crops have started flourishing now, the damage that would be done has already happened. This rain will now prove good for wheat, gram, onion, potato, garlic in the coming days. This rain has increased the water level in rivers and ponds. If it rains like this, these crops can also be irrigated well through tube wells.

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