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Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi has said that the West has double standards when it comes to women’s rights, Iran has never had any intention of building nuclear weapons, the parties must fulfill their promises Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi spoke at the UN General Assembly. He said the West has double standards when it comes to women’s rights. The Iranian president added that America cannot tolerate independent countries, Iran does not tolerate relations under pressure. There should be an investigation into the assassination of the Iranian commander Soleimani. The Iranian president said that the people involved in the killing of the Iranian commander should be prosecuted. Former US President Trump should face the law for the killing of General Soleimani. Speaking about the Iranian nuclear program, he said that some forces are using the Iranian nuclear program to put pressure on Iran. Iran has never intended to develop nuclear weapons. The Iranian president said nuclear weapons have no place in Iran’s defense ideology. The parties to the Iran nuclear deal should fulfill their commitments.


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