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Recently, we’ve seen a bunch of incidents where passengers have been seen insulting or doing things that are totally unacceptable. A recent outrageous video on social media is of a woman who climbed on top of passengers to get to her window seat during the flight. The video, shared on Twitter, shows an unidentified woman jumping on other people to get to her window seat. One of the three passengers on the window seat included a small child, apparently sitting on an adult’s lap. Posting the clip, the Twitter user who shared the clip called it “the most criminal activity” he had ever seen on a plane. Significantly, all three passengers were awake – as can be seen in the video, so the woman could ask them to move on. The tweet also revealed that the woman teased other passengers during the “full seven-hour flight”.

Take a look:

The 19-second clip, which has now gone viral on social media, has been distributed on Twitter. While some were angry at his actions, others jumped in his favor, saying that his gesture was better than harassing people and asking them to leave their seats every time.

One user wrote, “So, whenever he has to get in or out of his seat, his fellow passengers, including the child, have to get up and hit the aisle. What he did was very easy and his The people sitting nearby didn’t mind. That’s the most important thing. ” “I have no problem with that and it doesn’t look like the people sitting next to him do either. Did they complain or is it just you?” Another asked.

Many users, while trolling the woman’s action, asked, “How many times have you hit a passenger like that?” A user of the microblogging site even pointed out the woman’s “dirty socks”.

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