There is no war in Ukraine, says Vladimir Zelinsky

There is no war in Ukraine, says Vladimir Zelinsky

There is no war in Ukraine, says Vladimir Zelinsky

Kiev (92 News) Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelinsky says the West should not create an atmosphere of fear and panic. There is no war in Ukraine.

The United States began threatening Ukraine with a possible Russian invasion. US President Joe Biden has called his Ukrainian counterpart and said there are reports that Russia will invade his country next month. He sought to assure Vladimir Putin that the United States would cooperate fully with Ukraine in the event of a Russian attack.

On the other hand, the President of Ukraine said in a press conference that there is no atmosphere of war in Ukraine. The United States and Europe should refrain from spreading fear. According to Vladimir Zelensky, the biggest threat to his country from Russia is internal instability.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says he cannot say for sure that Putin has decided to invade Ukraine. He also called on the Russian president to choose diplomacy, but the Pentagon has once again threatened that Russia’s attack on Ukraine would be “terrible” and cost Russia dearly.

On the other hand, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Pekov says the United States is looking for excuses for military action in Eastern Europe. The United States and NATO continue to ignore the demand for security.

The UN Security Council convened on Monday to discuss the Ukraine conflict at the request of the United States. The British Prime Minister will also visit Ukraine next week. Boris Johnson will also contact the Russian president to ask for an end to the tension.

According to British media, Britain may impose strict sanctions on Russia from Monday, but the United States has said that sanctions will be ineffective before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.