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#New Delhi: National politics is in full swing now with the election of Congress President In this Rahul Gandhi made his stand clear He said that there is no problem with who gets elected as Congress President but as per the Udaipur Siddhant one post rule one person should hold the post .

Why Rahul’s words matter! Because Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is fighting for the post of Congress President this time Shashi Tharoor is also in the fray, says Habar In that case, if Gehlot is elected Congress President, he will have to hold two posts Rahul Gandhi pointed in this direction! If Gelot is elected president, he will not be the prime minister! In this case, Sachin Pilot can take the post of Chief Minister of Rajasthan. From this point of view, many consider this indicator quite significant

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Gehlot also changed his tone after Rahul’s words. He had earlier said he could hold three posts in the party and the administration at the same time if needed. one position, if he is not needed in another position. Because he has to see the organization of the whole country

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