These are the most common scams in cryptocurrencies

These are the most common scams in cryptocurrencies

Interest in digital currencies has recently grown, a model where many users consider investing in the future.

Currently, the most popular are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and Dogecoin. Because they present rising values ​​and promise great profits for investors, as long as their prices do not collapse, cybercriminals seek to take advantage of their shortcomings to profit, as ESET has warned.

Among some of the most common threats are the so-called Ponzi Scams. This is a type of scam where victims are encouraged to invest in a non-existent company or scheme to get their money back quickly.

Likewise, the so-called Pump and Dump stands out, where scammers encourage investors to buy shares of unknown cryptocurrency companies based on false information.

The impersonation of celebrity identities through the creation of false accounts, from which their followers are encouraged to invest in non-existent investment plans, is also common.

This method is joined by fake exchanges via emails or social media posts. In them, people are encouraged to invest a certain amount to access an even larger amount as a reward.

To avoid falling into cryptocurrency fraud, the computer security company ESET advises never to give confidential information to an entity that contacts you without previously requesting it.