These people including Salman Khan are on my hit list gangster Bishnoi’s shocking revelation | Pro IQRA News

These people including Salman Khan are on my hit list gangster Bishnoi’s shocking revelation

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Mumbai: Notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has made a shocking revelation that apart from Salman Khan, there are many people on my hit list.

According to Indian media reports, these revelations were made by gangster Lawrence Bishnoi in police custody last year.

Laurence Bishnoi shockingly revealed how many crimes he committed and who killed whom on his journey from college life to becoming a gangster.

Lawrence Bishnoi said that Bollywood actor Salman Khan is number one on his list, Lawrence said that in 1998, Salman Khan was hunting a blackbuck during the shooting of a film in Jodhpur.

It should be noted that in the society (Bishnoi society) Lawrence comes to, the black deer is worshipped, which is why Lawrence Bishnoi wants to kill Salman Khan.

For the murder of Salman Khan, Lawrence sent his close associate Sampath Nehra to Mumbai for Ricky, Sampath was later arrested by the Haryana Police.

In police custody, Lawrence had said that his second target was Shaganpreet, who is the manager of famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala and manages Musewala’s account. According to Lawrence, Shagunpreet helped hide the killers of Vicky Madukheda who was very close to Lawrence.

Lawrence said in his revelations that gangster Kaushal Chaudhary is his enemy gang and Kaushal not only provided arms to Vicky Madukheda’s killers Bholu Shooter, Anil Lath and Sunny Lefty, the entire conspiracy to kill Vicky Madukheda was hatched by Amit Dagar and Kaushal Chaudhry. .

Laurence shockingly reveals that Bombeha is my known enemy gang, after Devendra Bombeha’s death his gang is run by Sukhpreet Singh, Sukhpreet Singh is behind the murder of my close friend Amit Sharan. So I have to get revenge on him.

According to Lawrence, Lucky Patial is my enemy gang, my close friend Giralal Brar was killed on the order of Lucky, he helped Vicky Madhu Kheda’s shooters and hiders.

The notorious gangster said that I have to avenge the murder of my cousin Amandeep with Rami Masana, a sharpshooter of my enemy Gounder Gang.

Lawrence Bishnoi said Bholu shooter, Anil Lath and Sunny Lefty are the shooters of my enemy gang Kaushal Chaudhary. On the order of Kaushal, these three killed Vicky Madukheda.