They don’t want a farm in Sitilpech

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Demonstration at the headquarters of the federal Judicial Power

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A group of residents of Sitilpech, Izamal police station with 2,000 inhabitants, demonstrated yesterday at the doors of the Federal Judicial Branch to demand the definitive suspension of the farm of a pig company.

With banners in hand, the protesters, members of the La Esperanza de Sitilpech collective, expressed their rejection of the farm that was installed 6 years ago one kilometer from the town, where there are currently more pigs than people.

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“Judge, listen, Sitilpech is in the fight,” protesters shouted over and over again, after recounting a series of damages derived from water contamination since the farm was installed, where it is estimated there are 48,000 animals.

“We are going to defend our rights, the water that God gave us and another comes to contaminate. Right now that we can, we must raise our voices. If they do not do justice, we will do justice, ”said Ana María Chalé Pacheco.

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Neighbors claimed that it is not fair for outsiders to come to town to invade the water and the land. “If we don’t take care of them, nobody will come to take care of them for us, so we ask and demand that they listen to the people of Sitilpech.”

Neighbors reported that since the farm was installed they have seen effects on beekeeping and agriculture, but the most serious are the gastrointestinal and skin diseases they have suffered.

René Chí related that one day when the drinking water ran out, his father bathed with well water and within a few hours he had welts on his skin.

They also complained about the bad smell and the green flies that have invaded the town.

“If the judges do not act, if they do not do anything to make this change, to make the farm close, we as a people have the right to stop those vehicles or enter to destroy that farm, because we have respected the law, but the law it does nothing for the people, ”said neighboring Israel Euán.

“As a Mayan people we have the right to defend ourselves against the invaders that are damaging our land, our water and our cenotes. Stop! The people rule! And if they don’t do anything here in Mérida, we have to get to the capital, ”he said.

The protesters affirmed that the authorities did not ask the people if they agree with the opening of the farm or not.

The residents were accompanied by members of the Kanán Human Rights organization, among them Roberto Sánchez Campos, who reported that last May an amparo trial was promoted in order to safeguard the rights of the Sitilpech community.

“Both the Secretariat for Sustainable Development (formerly Seduma), the Cuenca de la Península Conagua agency and the Izamal City Council did not conduct a prior consultation to ask the people if they agreed to build a farm near the community.”

“Today, in particular, the First District Court resolves or has the opportunity to resolve the application of a precautionary measure called definitive suspension within the trial; With this suspension, what the people under the protection are asking is to stop the operations of the farm during the trial ”.

The suspension, said Sánchez Campos, had already been denied previously with unlawful arguments and overcome by Mexican jurisprudence.—

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