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They elect a commissioner in a calm environment

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The peoples of Hunucmá fulfill their civic duty

HUNUCMÁ.— Election day was held yesterday to elect the commissioners in the four communities belonging to this municipality: in Texán de Palomeque there was a lot of influx of residents to cast their vote.

The day began at 8 in the morning and ended at 4 in the afternoon.

In this police station there are three candidates for commissioners: Néstor Franco Ek, brown form; Eduardo Cua Hernández, pink form, and Julia Sánchez Uc, purple form.

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The two ballot boxes were installed on the outskirts of the municipal police station, and until noon everything went smoothly.

At the Huncanab police station, the candidates were Manuel Puc, a gray form; José Cool Baas, purple, and Germán Cool Pech, yellow.

In that community, only one urn was placed inside the police station, like the Hacienda San Antonio Chel, it was a box installed in the small square that is in front of the church of this community, here were two women who ran as candidates for commissioners : María del Socorro Ku Ek, yellow, and Fatima Canul Pech, purple. The process was carried out in apparent calm.

In the port of Sisal, there was the same enough response from the people when they went out to vote, here were two boxes: one in the police station and the other in the former customs office; here are four candidates: Miguel Antonio Ek Pech, Félix Puc, Emmanuel Pech and Seydi Moreno. Several elements of the police were observed in this port.

At the tables were the staff of the Hunucmá city council as those in charge of carrying out this electoral process.— María Inés Castilla Quintal

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