HomeInternationalThey prepare a caravan of migrants to CDMX

They prepare a caravan of migrants to CDMX

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They ask the government to allow them free transit

TAPACHULA, Chiapas (EFE) .— Dozens of migrants of various nationalities and citizen associations began a series of daily vigils in the city of Tapachula over the weekend, from where a caravan will leave on Saturday the 23rd.

The migrants lit candles at dawn and knelt to pray and ask President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the head of the National Institute of Migration (INM), Francisco Garduño, to be sensitized and to grant them documents to transit through the country.

“We are not free, we need freedom, we do not want to be in the United States, we no longer want to be in prison, but I do want to be free,” said Ana Lesli Martínez, from Honduras.

The migrants have denounced that Tapachula, on the border with Guatemala, has become a “great immigration prison”, although they still hope to find a solution in the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid (Comar).

The activists asked the government to prioritize the dialogue before October 23, when the caravan will leave for Mexico City.

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