They ran away with Shakira’s bag and phone

World-renowned Colombian singer Shakira went for a walk where she was attacked by wild boars.

Shakira told her 70 million followers on Instagram that she was spending time with her 8-year-old son in a park in Barcelona when she was suddenly attacked by two wild boars. Fortunately, she and her son survived.

But the pigs took their bags and ran into the forest with their phone.

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Feet Wings World Cup of the Songs Waka Waka Touching the heights of popularity Shakira Isabel was born in Colombia on February 2, 1977. Her mother is from Colombia and her father is from Lebanon.

Shakira wrote her first song at the age of 8 and recorded her first song at the age of 13.

He later made singing his career, and his songs in Spanish and English became world famous.

She rose to fame with the 2010 FIFA World Cup song “Waka Waka” and was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Her song ‘Beauty Full Lair’ made her one of the most popular singers.