Think, feel and dress as a bullfighter

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Óscar Massa: challenge and respect for his passions

Amateur friends …

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How incredible to be a bullfighter. Or dream of being. And more to dress as a bullfighter. Doing so involves a ritual that is as ancestral as it is respectful, hence a well-known phrase in the middle of “not everyone dresses as a bullfighter”, or, more thoroughly, if you do, “you have to look like it”.

Days ago we came across something that, developing its theme from beginning to end, captivated me: Óscar Massa dressed as a bullfighter.

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Óscar Humberto Massa Loría is a doctor, father of a family, and a great sportsman who loves bullfighting. A week ago, 16 kilometers were dispatched between ascents and descents in the queen test of Yucatecan athletics, such as the Uxmal-Muna Race.

From capea, to grope, to culture days, sharing television, he is always there expressing his feeling for the most beautiful of all parties. But I was powerfully struck by the fact that he has dressed as a bullfighter, short, but with all the liturgy that this entails.

Do not believe me, but when I “bullfight” the first time (Sinkeuel, year 1995) I went to infinity and beyond, despite the thrashing that “Gasparina”, the chestnut heifer that don Juan Castillo gave “for whoever wants” of the three journalists who went to San Simón. I thought: What will it feel like? I already found out minutes later and for many days when I was recovering from a bruise left by that appointment. I was a bullfighter!

Well, what emotion to see Óscar, with Erick Díaz Rosado (he had already done it other times), dressed in green with black finishes. In full, jacket, shorts, boots and in the parade of gangs along with other friends, gathered on a canvas in the south of the city.

Worse, what does it feel like to dress as a bullfighter?

Oscar’s version is precisely that of a bullfighter or a man who respects bullfighting. Because he feels, thinks and dresses as a bullfighter. It has a lot of meaning, of life, of perceptions, and, of course, of illusions. He left them, raw, like the calf he dispatched:

“To dress as a bullfighter, whether short as in my case, you first have to feel it. Feeling a bullfighter. Even as a practical hobbyist. It is the dream of many bullfighting fans. Last weekend’s decision to fight a steer was a time-consuming process. I trained a lot with the matador Víctor Macedo ‘El Jerez’ and Jorge López. And from there we had several meetings with calves to put into practice what we learned and it was that in a celebration, after fighting, the idea of ​​killing the cattle rancher Miguel Rodríguez came up. They already saw that I should take the step. And with advice from the professionals we move forward ”.

That concept as a bullfighter is a figure. But what follows is of a complete human being.

“The sensations were very mixed. A part of me, as a father of three children, told me: ‘Take care’. And the other part, as a Covid survivor (which was very bad for me with the virus), told me: ‘Come on, you’re here to do what makes you happy and gives you life.’

Being able to express what you feel is great. If he got out of the bug months ago and came to Muna jogging after 16 kilometers and then he stood before a steer… what is that then?

“The day of the event, a few hours before, I felt the nerves of the adventure, because it was my debut and I was going to wear short. The eyes were going to fix on me. I felt a lot of responsibility because I dress like that, you have to see yourself like that, a bullfighter. It was very difficult, but I think things turned out well ”.

Good fan, knowledgeable and, no doubt, a bullfighter. How many of us don’t want to be, feel like a bullfighter? He did it for all of us.

Tito Silveira Gómez: I hope to get ready to run the Uxmal-Muna soon with you, Óscar and the “Twin” Canto, and, if God gives me life and strength, get ready to feel the adrenaline of being in front of a cow again.

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