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The Onondaga Beaver Clan fire ranger is urging people to do more to save the countless species of native insects, reptiles, trees, fish and mammals that have ceased to thrive in the wild.

Recently, monarch butterflies have become the latest species to be placed on the international endangered list. Scientists have found that the insect suffers from the loss of its natural habitat, climate change, and the loss of milkweed and nectar plants.

“Butterfly, to us, means purity,” said Gage, Anh, Dah, fire keeper and advisor on Healing Kitchener’s Seven Generations.

“It denotes happiness. It denotes vigilance. It denotes love. It denotes acceptance. It denotes many of those teachings.”

He noted that the monarch butterfly is just one of many endangered species.

According to the Ontario Endangered Species Act, more than 200 species of plants and animals are at risk of disappearing from the wild in Ontario.

“What do we learn from that? What the guy did is he put himself at the top of the food chain and everything else below it. What he should do is flip that and put himself at the bottom of the food chain,” he said. jig anh dah

Take care of all living things

He said people can start taking care of all living things by refusing to buy foods grown with herbicides or pesticides.

“I am so frustrated that they have been talking about this forever, and there seems to be no change,” said Gig Anh Dah, recalling how honeybees continued to face a variety of threats to their existence.

At the beginning of 2021, the federal government began phasing out pesticides that were threatening bee populations by reducing the size of their colonies — introducing an alternative that isn’t much better for bee populations, some experts say.