This woman’s Ontario license sticker discount bounce check. And she is not alone Pi News

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A Toronto woman has called the Ontario government, claiming that her license plate sticker bounce check has been refunded and that she has not been offered anything else.

Jill Lupinsky received her cash withdrawal check in an email at the end of April and deposited it into her Skodiabank account using the mobile processor in her cell phone.

A week later, she received a copy of the check in the mail with a letter explaining that it could not be deposited. She went to the bank to solve the problem and was told she could not help herself.

“They are very sorry, but they will not be able to re-deposit the withdrawn check,” Lupinsky said.

She said the reason listed on the return check was “different”.

“And in big letters there is a code called IMNU … my bank does not know what that means,” Lupinsky said.

Lupinsky said the bank told her there were other depositors with the same problem and gave her the government phone number and he called it.

“[The operator] My details were there, and she knew my license plate number, “Lupinsky said.” And she said she would issue another check and it would come in the mail. “

The check has not arrived yet

Several weeks later, after several attempts to follow up, Lupinsky said a second check had not yet arrived in the mail.

He said he called the same phone number he had first called, but was referred to another phone number who did not want to talk to the operator.

“You can’t talk to anyone,” Lupinsky said. “Clearly … that number I was using was flooded so they have to do something to send this traffic to another number.”

“I do not think optics is great. I think it is in the interest of the government to follow through on the promise.”

Photo of Ontario Provincial License plate with renewal sticker. The Ontario government announced in February that it would cancel license plate renewal fees and related stickers for passenger vehicles, light trucks, motorcycles and mopeds. (Nathan Dennett / The Canadian Press)

Trenton, Ond. Taran Schubert, 28, who lives on the same boat as Lubinsky.

Schubert said he had successfully deposited his $ 240 cash withdrawal check using a Scotiabank processor, but a few days later funds were withdrawn from his account due to an unreadable image.

He went to the bank to deposit the check and was told to contact the ministry if it bounced.

“It jumped immediately,” Schubert said.

Trying to talk to someone said it was useless.

“I tried to call two different numbers, but so far I have only received automated messages that have not given me the opportunity to talk to anyone,” Schubert said.

“So I’m stuck on the next steps.”

More than 6 million checks have been deposited

A spokesman for the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services told CBC News that more than seven million cash checks had been issued and more than six million had been deposited.

The government will provide alternative checks in cases where people contact Service Ontario with concerns regarding check deposit. As of May 25, this is approximately 2,150 cases. Check image scans were found to be unclear or distorted, “said spokesman Praveen Senthinathan.

Senthinathan added that 0.03 per cent of the total checks issued were cases which were “within the expectation of enforcing any check and not unique to checks issued by the government.”

For those who have difficulty depositing the check, please contact ServiceOntario at the dedicated line at 1-888-333-0049, Senthinathan said.

Lupinsky said he waited to receive his second check in the mail and tried to deposit the first check in another bank to see if it would solve the problem.

She is still waiting to see if the check happens.