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Gadchiroli, For the last year and a half, the fear of man-eating tigers has been going on in Gadchirol and Warsaw Forestry. In particular, tiger cannibalism has killed more than two dozen people in these territories. Meanwhile, on Thursday evening, a tiger killed a cowherd who had gone to graze cattle in the forest of Jepra village, located 12 km from Gadchiroli district headquarters.

This incident has once again created panic among the tigers in the area. The name of the deceased is Namdev Ramji Gedam (65 years old). Here, even after the continued killing of people by the cannibal tiger, there is a lot of resentment among the people against the forest department due to the failure of the forest department to catch the cannibal tiger.

Two shepherds returned to the village after escaping

It is said that two other shepherds, including the deceased Namdev Gedam, went to graze their cattle in the forest. In the evening, he suddenly saw a tiger in the forest. Because of what he left the forest on the road. But Namdev Gedam was left behind. After a long time, they suddenly saw a herd of cattle running. In connection with this, Namdev’s associates called him. But there was no answer from Namdev. Due to which two people connected with the village reached the village. And he suspected Namdev of a tiger attack.

the body was found at 8:00 p.m

Villagers informed the forest department about the incident after two associates of deceased Namdev Gedam arrived at the village and expressed suspicion that Namdev had been attacked by a tiger. After that, a team of village foresters started searching the forest together. After a search that lasted for about 3 hours, Namdev’s body was found. Forestry workers made a pannama of the incident. This incident once again caused panic in the man-eating tiger inside the premises.


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