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Today is the birthday of folk singer Diwaliben Bhil who became famous from house to house with folk songs and hymns.

Today is the birthday of folk singer Diwaliben Bhil who became famous from house to house with folk songs and hymns.

Today, the famous artist of Gujarat and who has got the praise of Gujarat’s cuckoo. Today is the birthday of Diwali Bhil, a house of folk songs and hymns. He was born on 2nd June 1943 in Dalkhania village of Dhari taluka of Gujarat. His original surname was Ladhiya. He started singing at an early age, inspired by his mother. He dropped out of elementary school. At the age of nine, his father got a job in Junagadh Railway and moved to Junagadh with him.

Punjabhai had married Junagadh’s daughter Diwaliben to Rajkot. But Punjabhai broke up with Diwaliben as he had an affair with Vevai. Pierre returned after only two days of Diwali with his father-in-law. And started living in Junagadh with his brother. He never considered getting married again.

Since Diwali was illiterate, he used to do small and big jobs to help his brother financially. She also worked as a doctor in a hospital. Despite being illiterate, Diwaliben knew all the work of the hospital. Besides working in kindergarten, she also worked as a nurse for cooking.

Diwaliben’s shrill voice and dark accents made the melodious songs melodious. That is why they used to throw garba in Vanzari Chowk during Navratri festival. From childhood he was fond of singing folk songs and hymns. As well as his voice was sweet. Thus the pride of Vanzari Chowk became very popular among the people.

During this time, All India Radio officials and self. Hemu Gadhvi came to Junagadh to record Navratri. That was the first time people heard of Diwali.

In 1964, Gujarati folk singer Hemu Gadhvi recognized his talent and arranged his first recording at Akashwani Rajkot. For this he was paid five rupees. Social activist Ratubhai Adani took him to Delhi, where he won first prize at the Lok Sangeet Mahotsav.

He never looked back. Along with Hemubhai Gadhvi in ​​Akashwani, he became an indispensable performer of stage programs by singing many folk songs with Pranlal Vyas, Lakhabhai Gadhvi, Pravindan Gadhvi, Bhikhudan Gadhvi, Praful Dave in public programs. At that time, Diwali was the only artist who did justice to the song as a folk singer.

Musician Kalyanji listened to her during a live music program in Mumbai and invited her to sing as a playback singer in Gujarati films. Jaisal Toral (1971) was his first film and the song “Paap Taroon Prakash Jadeja” from this film became very popular. He traveled to India and abroad for folklore programs. He has done many stage shows with Pranlal Vyas.

He sang a large number of folk songs, Garba, Bhajans and songs from Gujarati films and also released his audio cassettes. He gained popularity in 2001 with the music album Manna Manjira. “Mare Todle Betho Mor”, “Sona Vatkadi Re Kesar Gholya Valmiya”, “Vage Che Re Vage Che, Vrindavan Morli Vage Che”, “Ramna Baan Vagya; Harina Baan Vagya Re”, “Halone Kathiyawadi Re”, “Kokilkanthi”, Some of the other notable songs from the album were “Chelaiya Kunwar Khamma Khamma Re” from “I am tired of writing papers”, “Varshe Varshe Ashadhi Kere Megh” and Gujarati film, Halo Gamde Jaiye.

He has worked with many musicians and singers like Hemu Gadhvi, Lakhabhai Gadhvi, Ismail Valera, Veljibhai Gajjar, Karsan Sagthia, Praful Dave, Bhikhudan Gadhvi, Usha Mangeshkar, Damayanti Bardai, Murli Meghani and Anand Kumar.

The Gujarati Society of London honored him during his visit. He was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India on March 24, 1990 in recognition of his invaluable contribution to Gujarati song and folklore. In this way, her name was automatically recorded in the history of Gujarat as the first woman singer to receive the Padma honor forever.


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