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Tories ditch UK reform party as loyalists sicken of ‘disgusting’ party gossip | Politics | News Pi News


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Fed-up Tory councilors have explained why they are quitting the reform-led party – with one explaining he is sick of the “disgusting” gossip and scandals.

Another prime minister accused Rishi Sunak of failing to address the concerns of British voters and suggested that the political party led by Richard Tice would be the natural successor to Margaret Thatcher’s three-term Conservatives.

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A poll published by YouGov last week put the successor to Nigel Farage’s Brexit party at 13 percent for reform – the highest ever.

David White plans to run for reform in the new constituency of Barnsley East, almost later this year, when Mr Sunak eventually goes to the country.


Speaking about the man who led the Tories to an 80-seat majority in 2019, he told The Daily Telegraph that Boris Johnson was a “fantastic campaigner” who nevertheless “absolutely blew” his victory and was “the quality leader people expected it’s not”. .

Mr White continued: ‘The infighting was disgusting, ridiculous and Liz Truss was the last straw.

“The backbiting and infighting to get Rishi Sunak elected has been shocking. Every time I walk into a town hall I’m ridiculed by Labor and rightly so.

“Reform is where the conservatives were in the mid-’80s. The Tories have not addressed the fundamental issues that people are concerned about. There is a crisis of living here, the cost of illegal immigration that they witness every day in hotels.

Robert Bromley, elected Tory councilor for Runnymede in Surrey in 2021, echoed this sentiment.

He said: “I’m not very happy with the fights. I think Rishi is a good guy but he is in the wrong job.”

Mr Bromley, who is in talks to stand for election, added: “Migration is probably the main thing – Richard Tice says the right things and that’s why I’m quitting the Conservatives and joining Reform. “

Mark Hoath, 55, who is the Reform candidate for Sutton Coldfield, is aiming to unseat Tory Andrew Mitchell, the current international development minister.

Chair of Mr Mitchell’s Tory association until 2015, when he resigned over Brexit, he now sees his former colleague, the leading One Nation Conservative, as “behaving more like a Lib Dem”.

He added: “If you look at our town centre, it’s not the shadow it used to be and it was all under his control.

“And when you see the fiasco he’s trying to do with almost everything, I can’t even think of voting for Rishi Sunak.”

Underscoring immigration concerns, more than 1,000 migrants have crossed the Channel to the UK this year, according to the Hme Office.

More than 300 people traveled over the weekend, with 112 people on two boats on Saturday and 276 people on five boats on Sunday.

This brings the provisional total for 2024 to 1,057.

The high for crossings in one day so far this year was 358 on eight boats on January 17.

The departures come as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak prepares for another parliamentary battle over a proposal to revive the government’s plan to send migrants to Rwanda, which has stalled over legal issues.

The Rwandan Security (Asylum and Immigration) Bill is expected to be debated in the House of Lords on Monday by 71 peers for second reading.

Prominent critics include the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who has expressed deep concerns about the deportation scheme, which sees asylum seekers crossing the Channel on a one-way flight to Kigali, the capital of the East African country.


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