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Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality says Canadian restaurateur Peter Oliver has died at 74 after a battle with cancer.

The co-founder of the company behind luxury Toronto restaurants Canoe, Auberge du Pommier, Luma and Biff’s Bistro was diagnosed with stage four cancer in May 2021.

He entered the spotlight in 1993 when he created a restaurant empire with chef Michael Bonacini that manages 29 properties serving 30,000 guests a week and hosting more than 10,000 events annually.

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Under Oliver’s leadership, the company pioneered training, benefits packages, educational funding, travel opportunities and career development for restaurant workers who often lack such benefits.

Oliver got his start in the restaurant business in 1978, when he opened a small sandwich shop at Yonge and Eglinton Streets called Oliver’s Old Fashioned Bakery.

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He is survived by his wife of 48 years Maureen, four children and grandchildren.

An obituary of Oliver & Bonacini said he loved teaching about nature’s interconnectedness at their family cottage on Baptiste Lake.

“He spent countless hours digging holes, moving rocks and planting hostas, displaying endurance that would put people half his age to shame,” the obituary said.

“Sometimes he pulled himself away from his latest project to swim, practice yoga, or sip a gin and tonic—always with fresh mint—before declaring, ‘It’s alive.’

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