Train carrying grain derails in Kamloops, says CP Rail; no injuries reported | Pro IQRA News

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Canadian Pacific Railway has confirmed that one of its trains derailed in Kamloops, BC on Wednesday afternoon.

The railroad said the train derailed in the Mission Flats area, west of town, south of the Thompson River.

The train was carrying grain, CP added, and no one was injured. It says it has sent crews to the scene and it is being investigated.

There was no immediate confirmation on the number of cars that derailed, or a cause for the incident.

The cars were carrying grain, CP Rail said. (If at CBC)

The company is also investigating another train that derailed in southern Alberta on Wednesday. The train – which derailed in Bassano, about 140 kilometers southeast of Calgary – was also transporting grain. There were no injuries.

The City of Kamloops tweeted that people can travel through the area but should avoid doing so “unnecessarily”.

It added that CP confirmed to the city that there were no dangerous goods on board the derailed cars.

CBC has reached out to Transport Canada for comment.

CP Rail said no one was injured in the Wednesday afternoon derailment. (If at CBC)