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Traitor bosses respond to seat belt criticism Pi News


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Traitors bosses have insisted they will focus on one aspect of next season after coming under pressure from campaign groups.

While the second season of the Bafta-winning reality show was critically acclaimed, it also faced criticism. Road safety charities Brake and IAm RoadSmart after it was discovered that some contestants were not wearing seat belts when they went on the show’s trademark missions in the cars.

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Brake’s campaign manager told The Sun: “Wearing a seat belt is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce the risk of death or injury in a road accident.

“It is important that anyone with influence acts responsibly when driving or traveling as a passenger so that those who look up to them can follow their example.”


A spokesperson for “Traitors” responded: “We take the health and safety of our contestants very seriously and understand the importance of road safety.

“It turns out that some of the actors were not wearing their seat belts properly on rare occasions.

“In future, we will be carrying out stricter checks on all passengers to ensure they comply with road safety rules.”

With another year to go, Traitors has already been confirmed for a third season, and casting is now open.


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