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Snails: Trinamool panchayat member’s son arrested for repeatedly raping a minor girl. Alipurduar district Samuktala Gram Panchayat incident. According to police sources, the suspected young man had sexual relations with a minor, seducing her into marriage. He is also afraid not to tell anyone about it. When the minor became pregnant, the relatives found out about it. Then he told everything to his mother. They also tried to resolve the issue through village arbitration. But the minor’s family did not agree. The victim’s father submitted a written statement to the Shamuktala police station, demanding that the young man be punished. Law enforcement officers detained the suspect after conducting investigative actions. He was brought to court on Sunday. Abhishek Bhattacharya, Superintendent of Police, Shamuktala, said that a complaint of rape of a minor girl had been lodged. The accused is arrested. A medical examination of the victim was carried out. The incident is under investigation.

According to local sources, the young man is the son of a Trinamol panchayat member. He said that because of this, the leaders of the ruling party and elected officials tried to hide the young man. The BJP has moved on the issue. They supported the victim and demanded a fair trial. Trinamool leaders, however, said the BJP has a habit of mixing politics with all events. If the allegations are true, the accused should be punished. The law will follow the law.

More details: Raiganj 2 block Trinamol 7 regional committee formation

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