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John Cena is one of the most famous wrestlers in the WWE. The 45-year-old appeared on RAW on Monday night to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his WWE debut. Videos highlighting John Cena’s illustrious career were broadcast throughout the show. Several WWE stars have paid tribute to John Cena on social media.

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Triple H shared a video on Twitter to congratulate Cena on his incredible career in WWE. “I’m glad to call her a partner, a competitor, and most importantly, a friend. Congratulations on her 20th birthday, oJohnCena! Enjoy your night on WWE RAW!” She wrote.

WWE analyst Ryan Satin tweeted about paying tribute to Paul White aka Big Show and Brian Danielson’s world superstar.

Randy Orton also paid tribute to his great rival by sharing a heartwarming video on Instagram.

Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie McMahon tweeted a video message. “I guess you were really ‘The Prototype’! مبارکJohnCena Congratulations and thank you for your 20 years with WWWE, we can’t wait to see what the next 20 years bring Are! He wrote.

A large part of RAW’s latest episode was dedicated to the WWE legend. After being introduced by Vince McMahon, Cena made an enthusiastic entry into the ring when the WWE Locker Room stood on the entrance ramp and applauded. In the ring, Cena reflected on his journey and talked about how much the WWE fans mean to him.

In the show, Cena was also seen talking to Ezekiel behind the stage. Interestingly, when Cena returned to RAW, there was some drama when Theory tried to trash him. Theory said he achieved more than Cena at the age of 24. After a brief feud between John Cena and Theory, fans wonder if WWE is creating a new feud for John Cena and setting the stage for his return.

Cena’s famous gesture where he wraps his head around his hands and says “You can’t see me” took him to superstardom. After reaching great heights in the WWE, Cena starred in Hollywood films such as F9 and Bumblebee.

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