Turkish visa ban? Important explanation of Pakistan Pi News

ISTANBUL: The Pakistani embassy in Turkey has issued an important statement on the news of ban on issuing visas and residence permits to Pakistanis after the Tak Tak scandal and a gang of Pakistani kidnappers were caught.

Rumors of a tougher visa policy for Pakistanis and a ban on residence permits have been circulating in Turkey following a backlash from the media and some quarters, but the Pakistani embassy has denied the allegations.

According to the details, the Pakistani community in Turkey is embarrassed these days after first making unauthorized videos of Turkish women and putting them on tick tock and then catching the kidnapping group, after these incidents some Turkish circles tightened visa policy for Pakistanis. And there have been calls for a ban on residence permits.

There were also rumors that the Turkish government had banned Pakistanis from issuing temporary residence permits, but the Pakistani embassy denied the reports.

The embassy says Turkey has not made any changes to its visa policy, nor have residence permits for Pakistanis been revoked.