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Center hearing from the Supreme Court

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has expressed its strong disapproval of hate speech (dishukat) being used in debate programs on television channels. The court questioned why the government became a silent spectator, calling it a trivial issue when it is said that audiovisual media is the main carrier of hate speech across the country.

Applications filed regarding hate speech in news channels should be processed. The hearing before the bench of KM Joseph and New Harshi Kesh Rai was held on Wednesday. At that time, while asking if there was a plan to enact a law in line with the Law Commission’s recommendations, the court also suggested that guidelines be framed till the law is in place. The court condemned the hateful language used in the broadcast of the programs on the channels. An independent mechanism is needed to deal with the issue and the court expressed its dismay at the central government’s indifference in this regard. The court expressed strong displeasure at the government’s failure to take steps to prevent hate speech.

In this regard, his lawyers said that the association of channels is taking action. “So far you have given 4000 orders. Are these orders of any use?” the court asked. The next hearing of the case will be on November 23.

The court said..

Everyone watches the action shown on TV channels and the appearance of the speakers. Audio-visual media has a great influence on the common people.

The role of the narrator is important.

This hatred can block mainstream channels. The role of the channel announcer is important in preventing these types. The court said that they should take care not to use hateful language.

Hatred increases TRPs and thus profits. Therefore, this hatred is not punishable. It does not affect their pocket.

– Take it. Harshikesh Roy


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