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The University of Waterloo says 34 Ukrainian students will be coming to campus to continue their studies at the school.

So far, 15 of them have come to campus to study with professors to be in academic training, while others are expected to arrive in the first half of June.

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The university says student internships include academic research, laboratory trips and workshops centered on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute (Waterloo.AI).

Includes free trainings, educational activities, on-campus accommodation and food and travel expenses provided to students with funding provided by the campus and corporate sponsors.

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The school says the idea was born when two engineering professors heard about the University of Toronto starting a similar project and then approached Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Mary Wells.

Click to play video: '' I put the remains of my sons in a bag '': Investigators have uncovered horrific evidence of war crimes in Ukraine.

‘I put my sons’ remains in a bag’: Investigators find horrific evidence of war crimes in Ukraine

‘I put my sons’ remains in a bag’: Investigators find horrific evidence of war crimes in Ukraine

Waterloo then borrowed T’s applicant list to send offers to 42 potential candidates, with a 50-50 split between men and women and graduate and undergraduate students.

“I’m pleased that within weeks we were able to develop a plan together and raise the funds needed to bring Ukrainian students to Waterloo to pursue their undergraduate and graduate studies,” Wells said.

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The school says one of the students, Severin Palaniyuk, was studying engineering at the National Ukrainian Technical University in Kiev when the Russian invasion began.

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Alta, who lives in a large Ukrainian population, said his family left the country before moving to Smokey Lake.

“I’ve researched many quantum computing companies in Canada and the United States, and every time I look at them, Waterloo is the best result,” Palaniu said. “I looked around it the other day and it was amazing.”

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