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United Nations: (Web Desk) The UN General Assembly approved four disarmament resolutions tabled by Pakistan to stabilize regional and global peace and security.
The resolutions were recommended by the General Assembly’s 193-member First Committee on Disarmament and International Security. The resolution proposals were approved with majority support.
The 3 resolutions tabled by Pakistan in the General Assembly include resolutions related to regional disarmament, conventional arms control at regional and sub-regional levels and confidence-building measures (CBM) in regional and sub-regional contexts, while the fourth resolution does not include Concerned with ensuring international security of ownership states.
The resolution entitled “Effective international measures against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons to ensure the security of non-nuclear weapon states” resulted in 120 votes in favor and no member states voting against. While 60 member states did not participate in the referendum.
According to the resolution, the Assembly recognized that nuclear disarmament and the complete abolition of nuclear weapons were necessary to eliminate the threat of nuclear war and to ensure the security of non-nuclear weapon states. Reaffirmed the urgent need to conclude an agreement on the prevention of use or threat of use. The resolution appealed to states, especially those possessing nuclear weapons, to take legal action in this regard.
182 votes were in favor of the resolution tabled on the control of conventional arms at regional and subordinate levels. India was the only country to vote against the resolution while one member state did not participate in the vote. The text of the resolution drew attention to conventional military threats in South Asia in the regional context and suggested measures to counter the related threats.
Resolutions on “regional disarmament” and “confidence-building measures (CBM) in regional and sub-regional contexts” were adopted unanimously. , leads efforts within the United Nations to advance conventional arms control and CBM goals.
The resolutions recognize the importance of regional and global arms control, disarmament and confidence-building strategies to promote international peace, security and stability, and regional and sub-regional levels to reduce regional tensions. Efforts to promote confidence-building measures (CBMs) have been encouraged.
The resolution on conventional arms control at the regional and subregional level recognized that balancing the defense capabilities of states strengthens peace and stability.


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